In Matthew 11:29, Jesus instructs His followers to "Take my yoke and learn of me".  Executive Pastor Meera Short explains what it means to "learn of Jesus" and how we can live our lives in a manner that shows we are true followers.

When God speaks to us, do we tend to have a biased ear to what we want to hear from Him instead of what we need to hear?  Using biblical examples, Pastor Cameron Peedin explains why we need to be careful of who we are willing to listen to.

The Holy Spirit works in us two ways: We are indwelt by the Holy Spirit when we are born again. And there is another work of the Holy Spirit called the Baptism with the Spirit after you are born again.  In this message, Pastor Mitch talks about that aspect of the Holy Spirit and how it allows God's power to manifest in our lives.

Over the last number of years, the church as a whole has lost the spirit of evangelism.  Since most people in our communities will not come to church, it is important for us as believers to begin sharing our faith and talking about Jesus within our spheres of influence.  Pastor Mitch provides some practical guidance for sharing your faith and praying for the lost.

Delusion is a characteristic of the days just prior to Jesus's return. It is important to fill yourself with biblical truth so that the Holy Spirit can help you identify false information that is meant to confuse you. In this message, Pastor Mitch shows us how to stand firm on God's Word in the face of rising delusions in our world.

It seems like we are living in the time just before Jesus returns to earth. Somewhere along the way and in the middle of all of this there is a promise of a worldwide revival coming to the world.  In this message, Pastor Mitch teaches us the keys to prepare by living in truth and avoiding deception during this times.

The very foundation of Christianity begins with the Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ.  In this message, Pastor Mitch takes a look at scriptures and explains why the virgin birth is so critical to our lives as believers.

In a day, where many people feel stuck and are waiting for the next “bad” thing to happen. Pastor Joshua Davis challenges us to give up everything and go all in for Jesus.

There is a huge push to control what people think about today. Keeping your mind on God, His will, and His promised grace and supply will be the biggest challenge you face in your future. The most important thing we can do when we are in a hard place is to keep our thoughts strong and free from fear and worry.