In this message, Pastor Cameron Peedin discusses how to live with the expectation that God can do the impossible through you!

Pastor Mitch talks about the negative effects of unforgiveness in our lives and why we must learn to forgive those that have wronged or hurt us.

Pastor Mitch discusses what the Bible says about the nation of Israel and how current events relate to biblical prophecy.

Guest Speaker Festus Nsoha talks about how we can rely on the spirit to energize and strengthen us when life gets so demanding.

Guest Speaker Festus Nsoha talks about why we need to rely on the foundation of God's Word alone in the face of today's adversities and distractions.

Pastor Mitch discusses current socio-political and religious developments in the world and the role they may play in signaling end time prophecy.

Sam Lumoindong talks about God's designation of "El Shaddai" and the power that it holds for unlocking blessings in our lives.