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We have in a big way extinguished our gospel light, and the demonic world is taking territory right now in America.  You must be aware and prepared. And be ready to set people free!  Protect your spouse and children with the Word of God, the power of the Holy Spirit, and prayer.  In this message, Pastor Mitch looks at some of the ways people yield to the demonic realm and then shows how to be free from it.

We are spiritual beings living in a physical world. There is a world of darkness that is rising up everywhere and I want you to be ready for it! There really is a clash of kingdoms today. In the dark world, there is Satan himself, fallen angels that fell with him from heaven, and then there are demon spirits that seek to inhabit human beings mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.Today we are going to look at some of the ways people yield to the demonic realm and then show how to be free from it.

Demonic forces are turning up the heat in believer’s personal lives these days and are seeking to get them to compromise themselves in ethics, in personal morals, in the use of time, in what they hear and see.

Now is the time to clean your life up, and allow God to do a deeper personal cleansing in you.

We are living in a day when believers need to use the authority they have been given in Jesus.  Pastor Mitch lays out six important principles we need to know about building up our faith in Jesus' victory and exercising our authority over Satan.

If you are going to walk in health, the faith in your heart must be stronger than the fear that surrounds us!  In this message, Pastor Mitch talks about biblical and practical approaches we can take to keep your faith for healing based on God's Word instead of fear.

Satan is working tirelessly behind the scenes today in every area of life seeking to hinder God’s Kingdom and bring about a final rebellion against God culminating in the reign of the antiChrist.

The great news is that if we choose to bow down at the feet of Jesus, He will empower us with spiritual authority over Satan.

In this message, Pastor Mitch gives us six points on how Jesus has restored this authority over Satan to us and how we can exercise it in our lives.

How many times have you called God faithful? We say it without truly weighing what it fully means.  Executive Pastor Meera Short challenges us to truly think about the faithfulness of God and outlines five truths on why we can trust in His faithfulness.

One of the most important character traits a believer can develop is faithfulness.  Pastor Mitch teaches us how faithfulness opens the door for God's Word to manifest in our lives and shows us six things we can meditate on to develop our own faithfulness.


Are you wondering how to keep the things that you have received through faith?  Guest Speaker Festus Nsoha explains why love is a key component for achieving this.

Is agape love the driving force in your life? Do you rejoice in your sufferings? Guest Speaker Festus Nsoha delivers a challenging message that will change how you view adversity and setbacks in your life.

We were all created to worship God. But do you really understand what it means to worship Him?  In this message, Worship Pastor Joshua Davis focuses on two aspects of worship: God’s worthiness of it and what takes place spiritually when we worship Him.