Pastor Cameron Peedin

  • When God speaks to us, do we tend to have a biased ear to what we want to hear from Him instead of what we need to hear?  Using biblical examples, Pastor Cameron Peedin explains why we need to be careful of who we are willing to listen to.


    Pastoral Care Pastor Cameron Peedin talks about the importance of trusting and obeying God despite the obstacles and hardships we often face from others in our lives.


    Many people expect to have a trouble-free life when they accept Christ as their Savior.  But this is not what God says in His Word.  Pastoral Care Pastor Cameron Peedin walks us through why we should expect troubles to come when we follow Jesus, and how we can rejoice in the midst of of our trials.  

  • Pastor Cameron Peedin speaks on the idea that we are set apart for the purpose of bringing God's glory to the world around us.

  • The things we escape to in one season of life can become the very things we become enslaved to in the next.  Pastor Cameron Peedin speaks about the need for us to continually analyze our lives to see if we are seeking after the "rabble" from which God has freed us.