Victory Kids

Kids should love church.

That’s why we are committed to creating safe and fun environments where your children are taught about the Bible and the love of Jesus through relevant, age-appropriate kid services. Our ultimate hope is to see a generation of children come to know God at an early age.


Safety is our number one priority for your child. Victory Church has an active security team that monitors the premises for any danger, and all volunteers go through a complete background check. 


We firmly believe that church should be fun for kids! Why would your child want to come back to a place they don't like? That's why, at Victory Kids, we've carefully crafted an environment that your child would look forward to every day!


Victory Kids is all about planting seeds in the next generation. What does that mean? Well, simply put, we want to teach children lessons that are more than just lessons. We teach them the truths of the Bible that will be applicable throughout their entire life! 


Your child is a world-changer! One of the goals of Victory Kids is to show your children that they were lovingly designed by God with a specific purpose: to change lives! Victory Kids is more to us than just a Sunday service for children -  we are committed to raising the next generation!


Our children experience God at their level.

Kids Church should be geared around children, so that's exactly what we've done. On Sunday mornings each classroom will have their own praise and worship followed by teaching tailored just for them, mixed with fun and games.  On Wednesday nights we focus more on small group Bible studies with lots of fun and games. 

Skip the wait!

Pre-register your child ahead of time, so you don't have to fill out all of the registration information before service!