Earn degrees in Theology, from a Diploma to a Doctor of Theology

At Victory School of Theology, virtual classes are offered monthly . Information about the next two classes can be accessed by clicking the links below. At this time, all VSoT classes are online. An info-packet in pdf format may be accessed by clicking here.


The cost for each course is $150. After payment is made, each student will be given access to electronic materials. Online sign-up ends when the course ends, at which time sign-up for the next two month's courses will be available.

Students will spend approximately 35-40 hours on each course:

- 15-20 hours reading the book prior to class -

- 10 hours viewing classes -

- 10 hours completing the take-home, open-book exam -

After passing the exam, 3 credit hours will be earned.


All material is supplied under the umbrella of Christian Life School of Theology. Their website:

Join us in our school of ministry!




Online sign-up is currently open for the next two courses. Click a button below!