Earn degrees in Theology, from a Diploma to a Doctor of Theology

At Victory School of Theology, classes will run one weekend per month year round except during December. The class schedule for the following year is posted on our Victory Church calendar. Simply click on the event for the name of the course and its instructor.

On the weekend of every 3rd Saturday, classes will meet during these hours:

Thursday, 7-10p

Friday, 7-10p

Saturday, 8a-Noon

Coffee will be served at each session.

The cost for each course is $150. After payment is made, each student will be given access to electronic materials. Online sign-up ends when the course ends, at which time sign-up for the next month's course will be available.

Students will spend approximately 35-40 hours on each course:

- 15-20 hours reading the book prior to class -

- 10 hours attending classes -

- 10 hours completing the take-home, open-book exam -

After passing the exam, 3 credit hours will be earned.

All material is supplied under the umbrella of Christian Life School of Theology. Their website:

Join us in our school of ministry!

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