Victory Pathway

Discover Your God-given Purpose

Victory Pathway

Victory Pathway is designed to help you discover your redemptive calling and to live the life God

created for you! 

When you find your place, not only is your heart fulfilled, but other lives are impacted as well!

Victory Pathway is made up of two parts:

Victory Pathway Session 1 | Become a Member (Part 1)

On first Sundays at 4p, you can begin your journey of growth here at Victory Church! Part 1 is led by Pastor Mitch Horton and meets in the auditorium. Connect with Victory by discovering our history, our beliefs, and the purposes God put us here to accomplish. You will find out all about Victory Church and also have the opportunity to become a church member.

Victory Pathway Session 2 | Discover Your Design & Join the Team (Part 2)

Through gifts & personality tests, you will begin discovering your purpose, where you best fit in the Body of Christ, and how you can make a difference in the lives of others. The tests are both fun and revealing! Part 2 is led by Pastor Meera and meets on second Sundays during the 11a service in Room 201.

Victory Pathway classes are held monthly on the first two Sundays February through November.

So it can easily be completed in just two weeks!


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