Encouraging Small Groups to Take the Next Step

Everyone has a next step they can take in their faith in Christ. As a Small Group Leader, help your group members do this. Keep the following things in mind when encouraging people to grow in their walk with Christ:


  • Know where they are before you challenge them to grow. One of the best ways to get to know where someone is in their walk with Christ is to ask the right questions.  Start off by asking group members to tell their story of how they started coming to Victory Church.  This will often tell you why they chose to make Victory Church their home and what drew them to your Small Group.
  • Encourage spiritual disciplines by sharing what they’ve done for you. What is God teaching you now? What part of the Bible are you reading? What’s the most recent scripture you memorized? How do you structure your prayer time? Sharing your answers to these questions is often the best way to encourage someone in your Small Group to follow your lead. Even consider asking them to do it with you!
  • Share how your engagement at church has changed you. How has leading a Small Group grown your relationship with Christ? How has financial generosity impacted your faith and dependence on Christ? What has serving on the Dream Team taught you about advancing the Gospel? Sharing these things with your group will encourage them to follow in your footsteps as a Small Group leader.  
  • Lead the way in promoting next steps. As a leader, be creative in how you challenge people to grow in their faith. Practically, you could choose a verse of scripture to memorize together or find a Bible Reading Plan to read together. You could also plan an outreach event for your group or create a prayer chain with weekly prayer assignments. Create new habits in your group and watch them grow!