Lead a Small Group

You are called to lead.

It’s easy to think you’re not  capable of or qualified to lead, but the Bible is pretty clear that followers of Christ should be leaders. Did you know that God has placed people in your life that only you have the ability to encourage? Step into leadership today and challenge what you think you’re capable of.

3 steps to lead a group

attend a leader orientation.

Our Leader Orientations serve as an introduction to small groups at Victory and prepares you to lead your first group.

apply to lead a group

Apply to lead your group by getting in touch with our small groups director, Cameron Peedin.  You can email him @ cameron.peedin@victorychurch.nu


Host your group

Invite people to be a part of your Small Group, check out our leader resources, and get excited to lead your first Small Group.

Small Group Leadership FAQ

Why should I start a Small Group?
Would I make a good leader?
What are the responsibilities of a Small Group Leader?
What if nobody signs up for my group?
Can I really start a Small Group centered around anything?
I want to start a group, but I don't know what I want the focus to be.