Keep Your Faith for Healing Strong

by Mitch Horton  May 26, 2022


6 Reasons You Should Go To Chuch IN-PERSON In the past two years, we have become accustomed to living life at our fingertips.  We can work from home, shop from home, attend school from home, and so much more.  We also now have the ability to attend church from home. Although online attendance has some advantages, Pastor Mitch gives six biblical reasons why you should attend a church in-person and be a part of the body of Christ.


Do You Need a Local Church? Is there a place for a church in the community? Is a local church necessary in the life of a believer? What is a church supposed to do? What is its role? Are all churches called to do the same thing? In this message, Pastor Mitch addresses the importance of the local church and your part in its mission.



Four Reasons Problems Come | Faith Till the End (Part 1) Regardless of the reason problems come, God wants us to exercise faith in Him and expect Him to help and deliver!  In this message, Pastor Mitch talks about the reasons we experience problems and how our faith can carry us through them.



Your Part in Preserving Our Freedom It is easy to take our personal freedoms for granted.  However, our hard won freedoms here in America are in peril today.  Pastor Mitch talks about some of the challenges we are facing as a nation and our part in the solution.