We got you something...

We've partnered with RightNow Media to give you access to thousands of Christian videos, including kid shows, Bible studies and more! 

"It's like the Christian version of Netflix!"

Why should you get RightNow Media?

Wholesome shows for your child

Let's be honest. They don't make children's TV like they used to. Most of today's child television is doing nothing to teach or influence your children for the better. Fortunately, RightNow Media has tons of children's programming that is not only wholesome, uplifting, and encouraging, but also high-quality and sure to keep your child's attention. That means no more having to wonder what your child is watching. 

Bible studies to help you wherever you are

RightNow Media grants you access to hundreds of great Bible studies that will help you grow! The best part is, they have Bible studies for everyone! No matter what you're going through, they are sure to have something for you. 

Stream anytime, anywhere

You can download the RightNow Media App, and have instant access on:




 Apple TV

 iPhone / iPad

 Amazon FireTV

Use it as a ministry tool

You can share RightNow Media with your friends! Many of the RightNow Media Bible studies can work as a great way to share the message of Christ with your neighbors, coworkers, friends, or family! 

Start a Small Group!

RightNow Media makes leading a Small Group easy! All you have to do is turn on the TV! You can even use the Bible study materials (included with most of the studies) to facilitate discussion!

Want RightNow Media?

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