Becoming a Member

Membership: it’s a heart thing.

Our church preference is God’s choice, not ours.  Jesus is building His church, and He places the members where they belong, in exactly the right environment to blossom, receive, and give. Every believer benefits greatly from being committed to a local church—it provides accountability, relationships that help us grow, and unity among believers. We impact the world in a larger way together than apart.

However, membership is a heart thing. You join the family where you feel knit in, a part of, accepted, challenged, and that sense of belonging. So follow your heart. We encourage you to join Victory Church and become an Active Member. We are going somewhere, and God is leading, and we want you to be a part of us! So when you’re ready, and God has revealed that HE indeed placed you here:

Then join us!  First, complete Growth Track, attending all 3 classes. You will learn so much about us and about yourself! Then you will be given the opportunity to choose to become a member of Victory Church. WELCOME!!!