It's the Big Game. Celebrate it right.

Who are you pulling for?

We don't mean to brag, but our SuperBowl party is going to be better than your coworker's.

Here's why:

- I mean, does he have a 220" screen? What about a gigantic sound system?


- We're giving away a 4K TV. And a new recliner. Oh yeah. and some big gift card prizes. 


- Does he have a VIP seating area? Probably not. We do, though, and you can win access to it each quarter. 


- Everyone is bringing food. So you don't have to worry about bad wings. 

Activities for all:

Enjoy the Big Game while your kids are having the time of their lives.We have a ball pit, some great games, and several other activities planned to ensure that your whole family enjoys the game.

Win Big:

Like we mentioned, you'll get opportunities to win big prizes. It's not a gimmick. We just like giving people things. It's like Christmas all over again. 


Here's what you can win:  

  • a brand new 4K TV

  • a brand new NHI Express Recliner

  • Gift cards: Chili's, Bath & Body Works, BJ's, Home Depot, and several other awesome places

  • quarterly access to VIP seating: right up front, with food service, in a nice comfy recliner.


Here's How to win:

  •  Show up: everyone who attends gets an entry.

  • Invite a friend: (from a different household) Each friend you invite gets you an extra entry

  • Fill out the survey when you get here: (It's just two questions to help our advertising department.) You'll get an extra entry.

Chili Cookoff:

There's going to be a Chili Cookoff, and the winner gets prizes as well! Show off your best recipe to our hand-selected panel of judges! There are a limited number of contestants allowed, so enter now!



- Must be homemade

- Must enter online by clicking the button below

- Must bring a full pot

- Entries should arrive by 5:30p that day and be in a warmer or crock pot


Event Date & Time: February 3, 2019 6pm

Address: 2825 S. Wilmington St. Raleigh, NC

Phone: (919) 779-5180

More details:

- Bring a dish to share: You don't have to feed everyone, just bring what you'd normally bring to a Super Bowl party

- Jersey Day: Show your support for your favorite team by wearing their jersey to church service that morning!