A Weekend for men

Designed to Grow

As a man, you were designed to grow. And we're not talking about in pant size. God designed you to grow in Him, and this weekend is designed to help you grow as a man, no matter your age, experience, or "spiritual standing." 

Built for the Wild

God created Adam in the wilderness, and only after he was created was he placed into the Garden of Eden. As a man, you were created with a sense of adventure. While this weekend isn't some grand expedition, it is a chance for you to get alone with God in the wilderness that he created long before he created you. 

Not Your Average Men's Conference

Most men's conferences either beat up on men, or try to make them into something they're not. Encounter is all about encountering God. We aren't going to try to change you. What you get out of this experience is totally between you and God.

No Retreat

Just to be clear, this weekend isn't some sort of retreat. There won't be kayaking, or archery and you probably won't learn to tie a Square Hitch. Don't get the wrong idea; you're going to have a blast. But you're also going to walk away different than you came. This is for men who are serious about their walk with Christ.

The Details

You've made it this far, so you must be interested...


March 10-12

Arrive onsite: 6p Thu, March 10th

Leave: 6p Sat, March 12th



The Refuge

1380 Lower Field Rd, Ayden, NC 28513



$160 (Contact us if you would like to sponsor someone.)

What should I bring:

Clothes, toiletries, Bible, bedding (sleeping bag, blanket, pillows)

What's included:

Catering, snacks, lodging (bunk-style farmhouse,) materials (notebook, pen,etc.)