March 28 - April 3

Holy Week is the week immediately preceeding Easter, and commemorates the week leading up to the resurrection of Jesus.

We celebrate it not to be ritualistic, but as an act of reverence towards the greatest act of love that humanity has ever witnessed. Join us as we pursue Him together, and as we honor the sacrifice that He made for us. 


An Autopsy of Christ is a 7-day devotional that we've put together for Holy Week that will reveal the spiritual significance of each wound that Jesus received. As you do this, focus on the love that He has for us, and on increasing your love for Him. For more information, click the link above.

A Week Of Fasting and Prayer

For those of you who are celebrating Holy Week with us, we ask that you also join us for a week of fasting and prayer. 

Why Fast?

Fasting is not just about eating healthy. That would simply be a diet. Fasting is the act of removing a primary comfort or need, be it food, television, social media, etc. and to replace it with relying solely on God. The goal of doing this is to draw near to and to hear from God. Many choose to fast when they are seeking direction from God over a specific area of life. Fasting doesn't move God, but it does remove the things from your life that may get in the way of you hearing from Him. 

How to Fast?

Be led by the Spirit in how you choose to fast. 

Some of us will skip lunch for a week, and use that time for prayer or worship.

Some of us will choose intermittent fasting.

Others may do the Daniel Fast. 

Still others may fast television or social media.

The main thing to keep in mind is that you are led by the Spirit. However you choose to fast, keep in mind that fasting should hurt: not physically, but you should feel as though you are losing something. If you're fasting something that is easy to give up, you may not truly be fasting.

One should also notice the importance of replacing what you are fasting with time spent with God. If you fast food, but you don't pursue Him, you're not fasting. It's just a diet. 

Worship Throughout the Week

Throughout Holy Week, we will be livestreaming worship directly from our auditorium Monday thru Thursday at noon. You are welcome to join us in person, or online as we worship our King! On the evening of Good Friday, we will be having outdoor worship as well at 8pm!