Following the Example of Christ

This Easter, join us as we follow Jesus' mandate of servanthood.

Throughout the Easter season, we are going to focus on collectively serving our community in the ways that Jesus wanted us to in Matthew 25. 

Why Serve?

Jesus was a servant. He tells us He came not to be served, but to serve. And then He told us to follow His example. Christianity isn't works-based, but the Word of God repeatedly tells us that "Faith without works is dead." It is impossible to follow Jesus without living a life that serves others. 

How are we serving?

This Easter, we are pulling a few key ideas out of Matthew 25 and James 1:


  • We are providing clothing for the naked.
  • We are providing food for the hungry.


Don't stop there, however. Find other ways to be a servant to those around you. Take it a step farther, even, and find a way to serve someone who has done wrong to you!  

The heart behind serving

As you follow Jesus' lead in serving others, keep in mind: He gave us His best, so we should give others our best. Serving should hurt. It should be abrasive to our pride, and humbling. Don't give expired food or worn and tattered clothing. Give in a way that will truly bless the people you are serving, in a way that will show them the depths of the Father's love. 


"I was naked and you clothed me."


During Easter at Victory, we are collecting bags for the homeless, which will be passed out on Saturday, April 16th.


You can find more information on the items we are requesting by speaking to someone at our Welcome Center. Once the bags are collected, we encourage you to join us on the 16th as we give out the bags and share the love of Jesus with our community. We will be meeting at the church at 10a that morning, and carpooling to Moore Square Park. You can sign up to join us by clicking the button below.