Our Children’s Ministry exists to provide a fun-filled atmosphere for children, ages 0 through 5th grade, to grow up spiritually. We do this primarily during Kid Connection, our weekly kid services, by teaching the Bible, who Jesus is, what He has done, and how much He loves us. In addition to Kid Connection, we also have other events throughout the year that allow kids to have fun and experience God in a whole new way.

Kid Connection

Our Kid Connection services are filled with times of fun, worship, teaching and ministry.  Each week, illustrated sermons, puppet skits, games, character skits and much more are used to teach the kids more about Jesus. By the time children graduate into the Student Ministry, we want to see them have a passionate personal relationship with Jesus and a solid foundation in the Word of God.

We Value Jesus

We teach that the Bible is absolutely true, is all about Jesus, and is full of incredible stories of how God loves and uses ordinary people. We use Biblical stories to impart a sense of destiny to the children, that God has a plan for each life and wants to be the center of theirs, by revealing His love, His character, and His will.  And we pray for the kids, that they will embrace Jesus as Lord, and in turn want to give Him to others through the witness of their life.

We Value Safety

Creating a safe leader-child relationship is vital for connecting with the kids, and allows us to effectively reach each child. We also value physical safety and have strict policies regarding check-in/check-out, health issues, discipline, and classroom visitors. In addition, we perform extensive background checks and training sessions for our volunteers to ensure that each child is safe while in our care.

We Value Age-Specific Teaching

Kids are different than adults, so we teach the Bible on an age-specific level so they can understand and learn to apply these truths in their lives. Our teaching encourages kids to discover their God-given abilities, to love others like Jesus did, and to understand that God has a unique plan for their lives.

First time?

If it’s your first time with us, we are very glad that you’ve chosen to join us, and are excited to be able to minister to your child. At check-in, a parent information pack is available that will give you an in-depth look at our children’s ministry.

We Value Fun

We believe that learning about God should be fun! By making each service interesting and exciting, kids will want to come back and bring their friends. Serving God is fun, and we want the kids to experience this.

The Classes

Nursery: Newborn – 2 years old

Toddlers: 2-3 years old

Pre-K/Kindergarten: at least 4 years old

The Classes: Elementary Grades 1-5

Children’s Ministry Pastor: David Nixon

David was born and raised in Clayton, NC. He grew up attending church regularly.  While on a mission trip his senior year of high school, he made Jesus the Lord of his life. He also met his wife Ashley. David and Ashley got married in 2010 and have two beautiful children: Olivia and Daniel.

David has always had dual passions: for sports and for impacting kids’ lives.  After following those passions by teaching and coaching for seven years, the Lord has called him to pastor the Children’s Ministry at Victory Church.

David’s favorite activities include anything competitive, especially sports – from football to board games. AND spending time with his family, particularly playing with his two children.

David’s vision for the Children’s Ministry is powerful – that kids complete 5th grade and graduate to The Core: with a strong foundation in the Word, full of the Spirit of God, thriving in their relationship with Jesus, and fully equipped for middle and high school.

David and his family could not be more excited for what God has in store for the church and for them. He exudes a strong sense of anticipation about the future here and believes we are on the cusp of the amazing!




Volunteer Opportunities

By volunteering your time and heart to minister to the kids at Victory, you will be impacting the next generation for Jesus. We would love for you to be a part of our team. The following positions are available:

  • Lead Teachers
  • Adult Helpers
  • Teen Helpers
  • On-Call Substitutes

Volunteer Schedules

Are you a volunteer looking for your schedule? Go to the calendar page.