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Making An Impact

We want to invite you to join us as we seek to make a difference in the Raleigh community. Right now, one of the biggest ways that you can get involved is by helping financially. The estimated cost of this project is 1 million dollars, and we need your help to make it happen.

Helping People Become Who God Created Them To Be

That's what Victory Church is all about. We want to see everybody walk in the wonderful plans that God has for them. Unfortunately, many kids get off to a bad start. Whether it's financially, in their home lives, or even in their school environments, many kids are growing up without ever seeing their true potential. If we really plan on making a difference, we need to fix that. We want to create a place where the children of our community can develop into the people God created them to be.

It's Not About A Shiny New Building

What’s our goal? We want to help families! Here are some quick stats about what children in our area are facing today:


  • Divorce: Raleigh is among the top ten cities nationwide with the greatest increase in divorce rate over recent years. Who gets hurt the most: the children.
  • Substance abuse: North Carolina is ranked in the top 20 "states with the biggest drug problems." Alcoholism is rampant in our society.
  • Suicide and depression are at all-time highs in our nation. These can scar children for life.
  • Child Abuse: During a recent fiscal year, there were over 121,000 investigated cases of child abuse and neglect in North Carolina. How many were unreported!

So What's The Plan?

In order to achieve this goal, we must expand our existing structure. Our plan is to create a hub in the Raleigh community where parents can bring their children for affordable childcare with an exellent curriculum that will foster spiritual growth and social responsibility. Victory Academy will be a place where children can receive a top-of-the line educational experience and also encounter the love of God. Safety and excellence are our priorities, and parents in our community will find comfort in knowing that their children are being well cared for in a safe and high-quality environment.



make a difference

Here's How You Can Help

Pray Daily

One of the most impactful ways that you can make a difference is through prayer. We are committing this project to God 100%, because we are doing this for His people. Here's what you can pray for:

  • Pray for the project to succeed, and to go according to God's plans, not ours.
  • Pray for the leadership committed to this project, that they will hear the voice of God and follow His desires.
  • Pray for the building process to go smoothly, without hindrance, and for all of the necessary funds to be raised.
  • Pray for the community to be impacted supernaturally, and for families to be changed for the better. That Victory Church will be a light in the Raleigh area.
  • Pray for everyone laboring over this project, from the planners to the construction workers, that God will move in their lives, and for those who don't know Him to encounter Him.

Pledge To Give

Help us plan this project by joining our pledge campaign! Pledge members will play a role in this project until the very end, by contributing regularly until its completion. 


We are asking you to help us by pledging to give monthly to our daycare expansion. We are working together to help reach our community one child at a time


Other amounts to consider giving monthly:

          *$500          *$200          *$100          *$75         *$25

Give Now

Perhaps God is laying a specific amount on your heart. If you would like to give now, you can click the button below. 

Other Ways To Give

We try to make it as simple as possible to play a part in what we are doing. You can also give through cash, check, or bank bill-pay. Just make sure to indicate "Building" in the memo section or on the envelope. 


If you'd like to give through Text-To-Give, text an amount and the word "Building" to 919-887-2887. You can set up recurring donations through Text-To-Give, online, or bank bill-pay. 

Invite People To Join Us

This isn't just a project for our members. We want our community to get involved as well. Feel free to invite friends, family, and anyone else to join us in impacting the Raleigh area.

Stay Up To Date

This is where you can stay up to date with our progress on the Daycare.

We are currently in STAGE ONE

  • Planning Has begun
  • Architect Has Submitted Plans For Approval