An Awakening in the American Church

The Calm Before the Storm


Pastor Mitch speaks on the importance of praying for our country and ensuring that we are prepared spiritually for the eventual return of Jesus Christ.

The Dark Night of the Soul



Ever so often, we come to a crossroads that prepares us to enter another phase of God’s plan for our lives. These are some of the toughest times in your life. Change is hard. It is full of unknowns and there are no guarantees that it will work out well.




In a spontaneous message delivered from an impression from the Holy Spirit, Pastor Mitch delivers a message that warns us to live a life free of sin, and urges us to prepare for a time of judgement for our nation.

Walking With God In A Nation of Compromise



Pastor Mitch talks about how we're living in the days of laxness and looseness spiritually.

God Unfiltered 



Most people in America who believe in God, believe He is a loving, kind, benevolent, and really nice grandfather-like figure. And the majority of people in America see Him as a God of love, and the idea is, since He loves me, regardless of what I do, He understands me, and will allow me to go to heaven when I die.

The Armor of Righteousness



Are you living with God's shield of protection over your life?  Pastor Mitch takes a familiar passage of scripture and sheds new light on the importance of pursuing righteousness during these troubled times.

Are You Really Walking With God?



God has an insatiable desire to get close to us, but our fallen state keeps us away from Him. God sent Jesus to bridge the gap that our sinful hearts has created between us and Him. In this episode, Pastor Mitch speaks on the dangers of sin, the need to acknowledge personal sin, and how the Gospel frees us from our sin so that we can grow closer in our relationship with God.

Are You a True or False Believer?


Throughout America, there are churches with both committed believers, and those who say they are believers but really aren't. Are you ready to examine your lifestyle and discover which one you are?

Repentance Begins a New Life Are You a True or False Believer?



The first call of the Kingdom of God in every life is the call to repentance. Repentance means that you are done with the way you are living and are ready to choose a new way of living. Listen as Pastor Mitch discusses this key component of a believer's life.

Repentance Implies Four Things



Repentance can be the beginning of real change in your life. Do you know what the implications are for you as a believer?

Repentance Implies Four Things



Many of us know that repentance is necessary to experience true change. But how should we approach it? Using one of the biblical episodes of King David, Pastor Mitch shows us several lessons we can learn from his example.