Pastor Joshua Davis

  • In a day, where many people feel stuck and are waiting for the next “bad” thing to happen. Pastor Joshua Davis challenges us to give up everything and go all in for Jesus.

  • We were all created to worship God. But do you really understand what it means to worship Him?  In this message, Worship Pastor Joshua Davis focuses on two aspects of worship: God’s worthiness of it and what takes place spiritually when we worship Him.

  • Jesus is Lord!  We say it.  We see it on bumper stickers.  We see it advertised outside of churches.  But do we really understand what it means?  And do our actions reflect the truth that Jesus is Lord?  Worship Pastor Joshua Davis talks about what your life should look like if you have truly submitted it to Jesus.

  • Worship Pastor Joshua Davis talks about the biblical principle of sonship.  In this message, you will learn what it how to receive the spirit of sonship and what it means to walk in it.